High Level Dialogue Series

MINDS will host regular, six monthly dialogues between public, private and civic leaders. These dialogues will be aimed at creating better acquaintance between the participants, sharing experiences, developing complementary perceptions of Africa and the global context and rekindling the spirit of African solidarity on a post-colonial agenda. Over time, these interactions will help create a shared vision within countries and across the continent. With a shared vision of the future, the leaderships of the different sectors will be better able to work together on the basis of trust rather the currently prevailing predisposition of mistrust.

At a minimum, a couple of critical things are required if Africa is to attain the levels of economic growth and general development that are so desperately needed for the upliftment of its populations. The first is a better partnership within countries, between the private, public and the civic sectors. The second is higher levels of regional and continental integration to nurture much higher levels of intra- Africa business transactions, in particular trade and investment. For both these things to happen there is a need for the different parties to get to know each other better.

The MINDS HIGH LEVEL DIALOGUE SERIES platform will be one way to foster relationship building between these different sector leaderships. The relationships would in turn, lay the foundations for more trusting dispositions between the leaders. The participants will be drawn from former and current, captains of industry, former Heads of State, senior civil servants, heads of civic organisations and academics.

2014 High Level Dialogue Series

On the 14th of March 2014, MINDS hosted its inaugural High Level Dialogue in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In attendance were five former heads of state; H.E Benjamin Mkapa, H.E Thabo Mbeki, H.E Olusegun Obasanjo, H.E Pedro Pires, H.E Festus Mogae, H.E Joaquim Chissano and the current President of the African Development Bank Dr Donald Kaberuka. Other participants in attendance were drawn from academia, the public, private and civic sectors.

The inaugural dialogue specifically addressed:

  • African experiences on economic integration.
  • Mobilising African Capital.
  • Pan Africanism and African Solidarity.
  • Public private partners and the role of SOEs.

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